Heather W:  
I cannot stress how much that reading meant to me. From the
very beginning of the reading when she told me my Nana had
come through to talk to me....Out of all the readings I have ever
had with others since my Nana passed away, this was the very
first time she has come through and spoken to me. It was so
emotional and it meant so much to me.  Not once did I ever
doubt what was being said to me because every single thing
Margarett said was things only my Nana would have known.  
I have seen many readers in my day and truly she is the best
reader I have ever seen

Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones who have passed over. I have been doing Readings for
and I feel honoured that so many have referred friends and family to come to me;
there is no greater compliment.

As an Intuitive Medium I truly love it when people who have crossed over show up at a
reading. Of course, I can't guarantee that anyone will come to visit you, nor that it will be
the person/people you are hoping to hear from. However, I have found that when people
have booked a reading and spend some time ahead thinking a lot about the person/people
they most would like to hear from, and mentally sending out the invitation, there is a very,
very good chance that the spirit/s will have a chance to show up.
In fact, spirits of loved ones show up at over 98% of my readings.

During Spirited Insight readings I often use psychometry to tune in to the client’s energy,
and work with Motherpeace cards, my spirit guides, and whomever shows up with the client
(Guides, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side) to help people to
discover what it is they need to know at that point in time, to heal and to move forward.
There is great joy for me when I am able to work as an intermediary, or Medium,
between this side and the other.

Sometimes, higher Energies, Angels or Guides wish to speak directly to my client.
On these occasions, and in gatherings where people have come together to receive
channelled information, I do open myself to that energy, and “step out of the way”,
allowing these Teachers to take over control of what is being said. I don't “leave” or
lose consciousness or awareness, but I am an observer, not a participant,
during these times. I do find it fascinating when this happens!

Sometimes people have questions about experiences that they are having that
"make no sense", or they are seeing and/or hearing things that no one else is.  
They may be having vivid or precognitive dreams, or are curious about what goes on
"on the other side".  They may need spiritual support or counselling as they're
going through transitions.  Speaking with someone who understands, and who can assist
with Spirited Insight from Guides, Angels and your loved ones, is often very helpful.

If you are at a distance, I also do telephone and Skype readings.  
These are working very well for clients.
and/or for a different perspective on what is going on in your life,
perhaps it is time for some Spirited Insight.
Connecting you with Spirit
Helping you heal with Love