Spirited Energy Healing addresses health on all
levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  
Healing on one level will aid healing on the other
levels.  My work helps people to understand where
they are, to de-stress, and to find their own

Spirited Energy Healing developed from my Reiki
work.  After becoming attuned as a Reiki Master
in the late 1990s, I began to receive teachings
and techniques from Archangels, especially
Michael and Gabriella, and Spiritual Healing
Masters.  They guided me to integrate a variety
of techniques into treatments, and instructed me
to name this work Rainbow Energy Healing.
(I have since changed the name, as another
wonderful group of light workers now
also uses the name Rainbow Energy.) These
techniques include Chakra work, Visualization,
Colour therapy, Cranio-sacral techniques, Sound
therapy, Integrative Touch, Light Body and
Shamanic Techniques.  Healing instruments and
tools such as Crystals, Essential Oils, Pendulums,
Rattles, Rainsticks and Tingshas may also be used.

Treatments can be very helpful in dealing with
stress, grief, anxiety and depression.  They can
also be helpful in pain treatment and
management for many conditions such as
headaches and chronic back pain.  While most
clients start to feel relief immediately,
depending on the severity and history of the
condition, some clients may require five or six
treatments to experience major benefits.  If a
client has a long-standing issue, it is suggested to
do a series of 6 sessions over a 5 to 10 week
period for best results.
Many clients choose to go on a maintenance
program after the initial treatment program,
coming for a "tune-up" on a regular monthly basis.  

Rainbows are gifts of beauty which
mirror and express the colours each
of us carries within. Rainbows promise
that the sun does shine, even when
obscured by storm clouds.
Ian F:
I experience such a feeling of calmness and
release after a healing treatment with
Margarett – she is a gifted healer.

Energy treatments are conducted with the client fully clothed, except for shoes.  
Treatments can be lying down on a treatment table, or if this is uncomfortable for
you, you can also be treated in a chair.  If you prefer, treatments can be completed
with no direct physical contact.  During some treatments I speak, and the client
speaks, as information helpful to healing is received and/or uncovered, sometimes
there is no talking at all.  Often, Healing Guides and Masters will come forward,
and sometimes, so will Ancestors.  Treatments are offered at Margarett's home
office.  Distance healing is also an option.

I look forward to working with you
Victoria Falls
photo by Margarett
Connecting You with Spirit
Helping you heal with Love
C. Graham:  
Margarett has become my Angel. She has
managed to relieve me of 25 years of anxiety
medications, as well as free me from enormous
pain in both knees and the regular cortisone
injections they required over last 8 years, and
the possibility of surgery on them.  Margarett’s
gifts and wisdom have brought me to a place
where pain is no longer an issue, and I am
HAPPIEST I have EVER been.  I feel as though
I am living life now, completely unburdened and
free (emotionally and physically) and it is
FANTASTIC! One of my life’s GREATEST
BLESSINGS has been Margarett and ALL of
her incredible gifts. I can not imagine life
without her.