Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy.  

Margarett is trained and attuned in the
Usui and Tibetan traditions of Reiki.  
Treatments are relaxing, as the client
draws the healing energies he or she
needs from the Universe, through
Margarett offers small classes to ensure
personalized training in Reiki.  
She offers Level 1, Level 2,
and on rare occasions,
Level 3, the Master Level
training and attunements.
Please contact her for details.

In addition to Reiki appointments in
her two offices, Margarett offers
Reiki Distance Healing.
Distance treatments are half an hour.
She does not need to have met you in
order to send you or your loved one
Distance Healing, however, she does
require the permission of the person for
whom the healing is requested.  

As well, when you have a Reiki or
Spirited Rainbow Energy treatment,
Margarett will add you to her list of
people to whom she sends healing Reiki
energy on a weekly basis.  There is no
charge for this service, it is part of
her heart-centred practice.
Helping you heal with Love