Past Life Regression (PLR) is a therapeutic technique that has become more and
more popular over the past 50 years, because, with the guidance of a trained
PLR Counsellor, it is an extremely effective tool for healing and growth.

Some people try PLR because they are curious to see who they might have been
in past lives, and this is always interesting.  Many people are surprised to
discover that the past life they experience was "normal", "average", "regular".  
You probably were not Cleopatra!  However, it is fascinating to experience.

More importantly, experiences and traumas from past lives can be affecting our
current incarnation.  For example, someone who has an inexplicable fear of
going into lakes or the ocean probably experienced drowning in a past life.  
Discovering this trauma, and going through it and healing it with the guidance of
a PLR Counsellor, will usually clear the phobia after the first session, though
some issues take more sessions to resolve.

Past life regression can help you:

Release fears and anxieties connected to past life traumas
Release past life traumas at the root of current physical challenges
Get insights into personal relationships
Discover talents and abilities from the past that you can activate in this life
Experience the peaceful state of being between lives
Understand and align with your current life purpose
My personal experience with Past Life Regression began in 1990, when I
was in a relaxation meditation with a therapist who was helping me to
deal with severe post partum depression.  It was spontaneous,
unexpected, and I was so fortunate to have an experienced
psychotherapist to guide me through the very traumatic memory.  This
therapist was not trained in PLR, but had read about it and was able to
let me know that I was safe, that it was a memory, and afterwards, the
healing from the experience was incredible.  

Going forward a number of years, I experienced PLR in groups, and on
my own.  It always gave me insight into personal relationships and
challenges I was going through, so I began to facilitate the experience
for others from time to time.  It was always helpful, but I felt that
there must be more.  I decided to undertake further training and
certification, and in November 2017 I attended an intensive 60 hour
PLR Counsellor Certification course in Sedona.  My teacher, Mary
Elizabeth Raines, has been active in the field for many years, and is a
highly respected hypnotherapist and PLR Counsellor.   

I am proudly certified by The Academy for Professional Hypnosis
Training.  I honed my skills in the area of relaxation and using hypnosis
to take clients into their past lives, and, most importantly, learned an
incredibly deep and effective healing protocol.  My results with clients
since implementing these techniques and protocols have been

I committed to only doing PLR sessions in person, as that is the
best way for my clients, with no chance of being disconnected at an
important point in the experience.
 I look forward to working with you!