Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching and why might it benefit you?

A Life Coach helps you to identify issues, and to create and implement
strategies and plans to successfully deal with these issues,
whether they are personal or business in nature.

Often during Readings, clients have AHA moments, when they realize that
something is out of balance, or blocked, or has fallen by the wayside in
their lives.  Many times they leave the reading with some great ideas to initiate
the changes that they feel are important.  However, many times
they don't have the knowledge of how to move forward with these ideas, how to
uncover their true goals, and how to break them down into manageable steps
so that they can successfully achieve them.  Sometimes people need support in
developing self esteem and confidence.  Often they could benefit from ongoing
guidance in discovering how they can best navigate change that comes up in
their lives down the it moving forward after the loss of a loved one,
dealing with job transition, parenting challenges, moving....the list of where we
can benefit from having a kind yet unattached coach is endless.

For many years, Margarett has studied and taken courses on goal setting,
strategies for growth, healing and personal development.  She has
seen that many of her clients have been looking for assistance in these areas,
and wanted to be able to provide better ongoing support and direction.  To this end,
she has recently completed her certification as a Life Coach with the internationally
recognized Certified Coaches Federation, so that she can confidently offer this
service in addition to her Readings and Energy Healing work.

Margarett trained extensively as an H-Trio coach (Health, Heart & Home)
(directly with Melanie Hayden), specializing in personal growth and development.
As a business leader with PartyLite Gifts (achieving Sales and
Sponsoring Excellence recognition and Incentive Trip Achievement for
ten consecutive years), she both received ongoing training from industry
professionals, and was herself a trainer locally, provincially and nationally
on such topics as goal setting, business development, life/work balance
and time management.  While working for Visalus, Margarett was a BMW earner,
and benefited from training from some of the top motivational speakers and
coaches in North America.  Her work as an Intuitive Medium over the past
twenty-five years has given her a wealth of life and spiritual experience.  

As an Energy and Light Worker, Margarett brings a different approach to
Life Coaching, and this multi-faceted approach is working very well for clients.

As your Life Coach, Margarett will help you to discover and
uncover your own strengths, and will help you to develop plans
and strategies for moving forward, growing and healing yourself
and your relationships as you do.
*Identify & Prioritize things you
want to change

*Set Goals: personal &/or business

*Develop Step by step plans
*Develop self-esteem & confidence

*Navigate change effectively

*Deal with major life changes
Margarett is a certified Life Coach
through the internationally
recognized Certified Coaches
Margarett has an extensive
background in personal
Margarett has a successful
background in business

Margarett has received training
from some of the top coaches in
North America
Helping you heal with Love