To book, please contact Margarett by email

**All prices are for individual appointments**
unless otherwise specified

*Spirited Insight Readings*
In Person:  One Hour:  $200
Half Hour:  $125
Phone/Internet:  One Hour:  $175
Half Hour:  $100

*Parent & Child or Life Partners*
Two people, In Person, One Hour:  $250
Phone/Internet, One Hour:  $200

*Under 19 Years Old Readings*
If your child is under 16, a parent and child can
sit together for a one hour child focused reading for
$150 in person or $125 phone/internet reading.  
Between the ages of 16 and 18 the person does not need
an adult present, but they must have permission
from their parent or guardian.

For families seeking Mediumship only, please check
Group Mediumship, below

*Spirited Rainbow Energy Treatments*
In person or Distance:  One Hour: $125.00
Set of 4 prepaid, $450
Half Hour:  $90
Set of 4 prepaid:$320  

*Past Life Regression*
One Session:  $250
1st & 2nd Sessions Prepaid:  $450
Sessions are usually one and a half to two hours in length,
but please allow 3 hours in case it goes longer.

*Group Mediumship*  
Margarett can be booked for private or corporate
events/parties where she will do Group Readings.  
This is also referred to as Stage or Platform Mediumship.  
These are great when there is a family or small group of friends hoping to
hear from the same person/people, or when you have a group interested in
the Platform Mediumship experience, or when you are looking for
something different for a party or special event.
The cost is $30 per person, with a minimum fee of $300, for one hour.
Please note that in Group Readings,
not everyone present will necessarily receive a personal reading.

A minimum 2 hour booking is required, a maximum of 3 hours of readings.
You and your guests can choose either
20 Minute Psychic Tarot Card Readings (No Mediumship):        $60
30 Minute Spirited Insight Readings (includes Mediumship)   $100
A Maximum of 4 Spirited Insight Readings per party.
Travel costs may apply.

*Spirited Insight Life & Soul Coaching*
*Spirited Insight Spiritual Development & Mentoring*

One Hour Session, in person:  $175
One Hour Session, by phone or internet:  $150

*Slow & Steady Package 2 sessions in 1 month *
In Person:   $300
Phone/Internet: $260 prepaid
*Acceleration Package: 4 sessions in 1 to 2 months *
In Person:  $580
Phone/Internet:   $500 prepaid*

Disclaimer as required by law in some
provinces and states:
All psychic/ intuitive
medium/channelling/spiritual consultation,
coaching and past life regression services
are for entertainment purposes only.  
They are not meant to take the place
of professional medical, psychological, or
financial or legal advice or services.
Margarett does not diagnose nor
prescribe.  Energy Healing is not meant to
take the place of a visit to your doctor or
any other medical professional.

A Word About
Travel Costs:

When travel time from
Margarett's home office (or
home base if she is temporarily
based in a different location)    
is greater than 30 minutes (each
direction), a small fee of $10 per
half hour of travel over the first
hour is requested to defray
travel costs, eg if travel time is
between 1 and 1 and 1/2 hours
(each way),
it would be $40.
Past Life Regressions only at
Margarett's Home Office

Readings, Life Coaching and
Energy Healing
at her home office,
or by Phone/Internet

Margarett's Home Office is in
St Anns, 10 minutes up the
from the QEW at Vineland,
Fonthill and Smithville

Please contact Margarett to book
your appointment.  
Connecting you with Spirit
Helping you heal with Love

Gift Certificates
available by email!
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Please note that as of March 7, 2020, until further notice, I am
only doing work by phone/internet.  Please know that Spirit
and Energy are not confined by space, and so energy work is
just as effective, readings are just as accurate.
This is in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.  May everyone
be healthy!!!