Connie G, Waterdown:
I would recommend Margarett to anyone who is looking for
confirmation of loved ones who have passed. She was right
in tune with where I am in my life, and she gave me comfort
and answers in my reading. Margarett knew nothing about
my life, but within minutes she knew what I was feeling and
going through, and my mom who has passed was right there
supporting me. It was amazing.
What Clients Have To Say
Charles K, Los Angeles :
Margarett's reading was awesome.
Not only did it give me the also
gave me advice on how to overcome
the obstacles and challenges I am
facing and still maintain balance.
She has an incredible gift and I'd
recommend her to everyone.
Heather W, Cambridge:
I cannot stress how much that reading meant to me.
From the very beginning of the reading when she
told me my Nana had come through to talk to me....
Out of all the readings I have ever had with others
since my Nana passed away, this was the very first
time she has come through and spoken to me. It
was so emotional and it meant so much to me. Not
once did I ever doubt what was being said to me
because every single thing Margarett said was
things only my Nana would have known.  
I have seen many readers in my day and truly
she is the best reader I have ever seen.
Jeff M, Toronto:
This was my first time having a
reading done and I was very
skeptical and nervous, but
Margarett  was absolutely
super-she surprised and amazed me
regarding issues I am dealing with
in my life.
Diane L, Niagara:
I really enjoyed meeting Margarett
and though she didn't say I was
going to meet Prince Charming and
be rich (I'm very disappointed!),
the feeling of peace that she gave
me is amazing -- she does what a
therapist does at a fraction of the
Kerry T, Hamilton
We discussed the turmoil I am in
and the different directions that
are open to me, and I now feel
very much more at ease about
going forward and making the
correct decision once I finish
sorting things out.
Anne J, Dundas:
Energy sessions help me to relax,
and have also brought some
emotional issues to the surface
which I've then been able to deal
with. The difference in how my
Margarett's Spirited Rainbow
energy feels after a treatment is
really incredible.
Sharon B, Texas:
I have been consulting Margarett for over 20 years - which gives you some idea of how much confidence
I have in her and her readings. There are some very good reasons for this confidence. First, her connection with
her deck is extraordinary. She seems to actually see me in each card as she reads it and to know which elements
apply to me at that time. And it will be different elements if the same card comes up again in a different reading.
Second, the readings are always and invariably positive, uplifting and confirming, whether it is a pat-on-the-back,
a gentle boot to the behind - or, as is usual, both. Never have I gone away feeling upset or down; always
I feel a great surge of energy and a deep gratitude for the information and the validation. And always the
information rings true and feels right to me, even if it is unexpected or surprising when I first hear it. Third, it
isn’t necessary to meet with Margarett in person. Now that I live thousands of miles away in Texas, I consult with
her by phone.  It works just as well, since energy and Spirit know neither time nor space. So, if you really want to
know what's up with you, and be inspired on your journey, sit down with Margarett and open your ears and your
heart to what she can tell you.

Ian F, Ottawa:
I experience such a feeling of
calmness and release after a healing
treatment with Margarett;
she is a gifted healer.
Connecting you with Spirit
Helping you heal with Love
Karin W, Burlington:
This is the sort of experience that requires a compassionate ethical guide.
Margarett completely supported my odd position of being both believer and
skeptic. She clearly explained her part in the regression, set comfortable
practical guidelines, and made me feel safe and accepted. I was encouraged
to speak up at any time if I felt uncomfortable or wanted to stop. She has
is example of excellence in professionalism; combining warmth and wisdom.
The experience was profoundly moving and very different than
what I expected. The best words I can use to describe being regressed is
that it takes one to a far off place beyond and within oneself. Sometimes
particular words popped into my head in response to Margarett’s gentle
questions for descriptions.  I felt my vocabulary change.  I spoke more
simply. A name surfaced that I had never heard before and was in a
different language. I saw the spelling of it and was able to look it up
afterward and realize how it fitted into the story.  Most surprising for me
was that while I had some difficult impressions and intense emotions, it all
seemed very natural and safe.
My past life regression experience has left me with a deep sense of well
being. I feel better about myself, essentially validated in
some mysterious way. I’m more at home in my own current life, and no
longer feel existentially displaced, something I have struggled with since
childhood.  I feel ready at a deeper level for whatever may happen in the
C. Graham, Hamilton:  
Margarett has become my Angel. She has managed to relieve me of 25 years of
anxiety medications, as well as free me from enormous pain in both knees and the
regular cortisone injections they required over last 8 years, and the possibility of
surgery on them.  Margarett’s gifts and wisdom have brought me to a place where
pain is no longer an issue, and I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING LIFE and I am THE
HAPPIEST I have EVER been.  I feel as though I am living life now, completely
unburdened and free (emotionally and physically) and it is FANTASTIC! One of my
life’s GREATEST BLESSINGS has been Margarett and ALL of her incredible gifts.
I can not imagine life without her.
Chanin G, Hamilton:
To understand your whole self on a spiritual level that delves much deeper than self reflection,
into your core being/purpose, past life regression sessions with Margarett are what you are
seeking, they are truly life transforming.  Margarett, took me past my fears of not being able to
achieve the desired results due to a very over active analytical mind, and guided me through a
to a past life for key answers about my current life’s journey and road blocks. Margarett
brought me to a place of clarity and understanding I never would have found on my own,
especially in my day to day life. I am incredibly thankful for her wisdom and abilities to
bring me to such a place of peace and growth.
Susan W, St Catharines:
Our PLR session was so interesting.  I had brought that past life up
in other sessions with myself but the questions you asked brought
out the details – how awesome is that!"