My experiences on my healing path have given me a passion to help others
on their own healing paths.  All of the work that I do, readings, past life regressions,
channelling, Reiki and Spirited Rainbow Energy work, is directed towards healing and growth.
I am trained and attuned as a Reiki Master in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions.  (Reiki is a Japanese
term which means "universal life energy".)  I have also studied Light Body, Integrative Touch, Shamanism,
Chakras, Visualization, and Etheric Body work.  I believe that each person is responsible for their own
healing, and that, as an Energy and Light Worker, I am facilitating the healing, helping people to heal

I began doing energy healing in the early 1990's.  The more I did, the more I learned.  I began, and
continue, to receive teaching and techniques from ArchAngels (mainly Gabriella and Michael) and
Spiritual Healing Masters.  They guided me to integrate different techniques, some that I'd already
learned, some that they taught me.  I learned how to incorporate Sound, Colour, Crystals, Essential Oils
and Stones  into my work.  They instructed me to name the healing work that I was doing
Rainbow Energy Healing.  I have since changed the name, as another wonderful group of practitioners has
also started using the name Rainbow Energy, and I wish to avoid confusion, as well as to recognize and
honour the importance that Spirit has in my work.

Spirited Rainbow Energy Healing addresses health on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  
Healing on one level will aid healing on the other levels.  My work helps people to understand where
they are, to de-stress, and to find their own Rainbows.
People often ask me how I got started doing readings –
was I born this way, have I always been able to “hear
voices”.  I believe that psychic ability is like musical ability
– all of us have it to some degree or other, and all of us are
able to develop our abilities through training and practice.  I
found it necessary to learn about my psychic gifts, and train
them, when I started to fear that I was going mad – hearing
voices others were'nt hearing, seeing things others weren't
seeing, and on a regular basis.  When it happens very
occasionally, as it had all my life, it is easy to ignore, or put
down to an over-active imagination, or being half asleep, but
when such experiences become a daily occurrence, it is time
to learn how to deal with it, or commit yourself!  I chose to
accept that my experiences were part of long documented
experiences in most cultures all around the world, and to
learn how to work with this gift that was demanding my

I have since learned that there have been psychically gifted
people on both sides of my family, in particular, my maternal
grandmother (after whom I’m named), who died when my
mother was 16, and who first visited me when I was 16.  She
continues to be a great help to me in my work.
Learning from and dancing with traditional Sangomas,
South African healers, 2007.
Connecting you with Spirit
Helping you heal with Love
I became a Certified Life Coach in 2016 through the
internationally recognized Certified Coaches Federation in
order to provide a framework for ongoing work with clients
who wanted to pursue developing and achieving goals in all
areas of their lives.  Because I am an Energy Worker, my
approach is very integrative, and I use many different
techniques and programs in this work.
While I have been doing Past Life Regressions for many
years, in the fall of 2017 I went to Sedona to participate
in an intensive training session with Mary Elizabeth Raines,
and became a Certified Past Life Regression Counsellor
through the Academy of Professional Hypnosis Training.  
I was happy to find that I had been doing things right!  
However, I feel this additional training has brought a new
depth to the work I do in this area, and certainly the
feedback from clients has been supportive of this!